Earning Cashback

There are many ways to earn cashback on purchases. One of the easiest ways is to use an online cashback website like Ebates or TopCashBack. Credit cards, store rewards programs, and rebates are another way. Regardless, cashback is something you’re entitled to on almost every online purchase so don’t let that money slip through the cracks.

Sign up for cashback before you make your purchase. Refer to the list of popular cashback websites below. It costs nothing to sign up with the cashback websites, and many of them have minimal payout thresholds so you can get your money quickly.

Plan Ahead

Plan your purchases ahead of time – most cashback websites offer greater cashback amounts during holidays and promotional periods. For example, the anniversary of the cashback website may trigger an offer for 2x cashback. If you’re planning on making a large purchase like a TV or refrigerator, wait until a major holiday to see if the cashback amount is greater.

Know your categories – many cashback sites limit cashback on specific categories, including gift cards, low-margin goods like laptops, and other items with minimal profit margins. Don’t get confused and make a large purchase only to find your category was excluded. If in doubt, email the cashback website and ask if the purchase will qualify.

Track Your Purchases

Track your purchases – make sure that after you’ve made your purchase, you receive the proper amount of cashback. Mistakes are uncommon, but they do happen. If your cashback amount does not equal the amount you calculated, write to the cashback website immediately. They are often able to remedy these issues right away. If you wait too long, it may be too late to do anything.
Cashback Websites Save You Money

Popular Cashback Websites

Active Junky

Active Junky focuses on active lifestyles, so you’ll find stores like REI, Cabela’s, Backcountry, Nike and more.  They offer many articles in categories like cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, camping and hiking. Also, check out their buyer guides for an in-depth look at active lifestyle products.


Ebates is one of the largest and most reliable cashback websites on the web.  They have over 1,800 active stores and 10,000 coupons. On major holidays, Ebates typically offers double cashback or more at select stores, up to 40%.

Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates is a classic cashback website featuring over 2,000 stores. Their simple interface makes shopping cashback easy.  Mr. Rebates also offers coupons at many of their cashback stores.


TopCashBack is one of the newer cashback websites, now offering cashback at over 3,500 stores. They bill themselves as the USA’s most generous cashback site and even guarantee the highest cashback.

Don’t wait to sign up for one of these cashback websites. You miss an opportunity to save money every time you place an order online outside of a cashback website.

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