Welcome to TimeWealthSpent.com (Starting from Scratch)

Welcome to TimeWealthSpent.com (Starting from Scratch)

Welcome to TimeWealthSpent.com.  This website is a brain-dump of all of my experience in making money online and business in general, all with a focus on having time to yourself.  The biggest challenge a young entrepreneur faces is having enough time to themselves to do the things that make life worth living.  If your life is all about making money, it’s not a very wealthy one.

Scott in Yosemite - Time Wealth Spent

Taken in Yosemite National Park while hiking on our honeymoon.

I started making money online back in the late 90s, running a pretty successful eBay business selling computer equipment, electronics, car parts and musical instruments.  It was one of multiple sources of income, so it worked out well.  I also worked a retail job selling appliances, computers and electronics.  That helped me score side jobs doing custom computer/network builds, providing on-site training and repairs.  Although I did not have much free time, I made large sums of money for a teenager and used it for college expenses and travel.

By 2000, the tech bubble burst and with it, much of the retail and side income that was flowing.  I focused on selling through eBay and began developing software applications to supplement my online income.  It was then I began learning about affiliate marketing and incorporating it into my websites.  Quality content, coupled with other paid ads, drove traffic to the sites and began building revenue.  The sky was the limit.

Over the years, I’ve developed many money-making websites using these tools, and I’d like to help teach you how to make money using the same methods.  It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme or something that will make you money overnight, but with focus and determination, you too will be making money on your website.

The primary focus on this website is maximizing earning potential while minimizing the time required.  Everything from earning money online to managing that money, setting goals, solving problems, planning for retirement, buying/selling real estate and anything else that makes money.

Read, enjoy, and join the conversation.


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