Here’s where I talk a little about me, and a little about Time Wealth Spent.  First, about TimeWealthSpent.com:

I started this website to talk about obtaining financial freedom with a focus on having quality time to yourself.  This website embodies the philosophy that since our time on this earth is limited, we need to make sure we enjoy every minute of it.  This means we must seek more time to ourselves, more time for our family, and more time away from things we do not enjoy.

More about me:Scott in Yosemite - Time Wealth Spent

Debt Philosophy
Like all things in this world, there is good debt, and there is bad debt.  I’ve had people brag about paying off their debt in record time, and others who are in so far over their heads they may never get out.  I’ve always felt that debt comes and goes, so having a solid plan to tackle debt that comes your way is the most important element of financial freedom.  Whether it’s an unexpected expense like emergency surgery, car repairs, home repairs, or any other high-cost expense, it can quickly overwhelm you.  Staying on top of it and keeping your stress levels low is the focus at Time Wealth Spent.

Work Philosophy
I’ve been on my own as an independent contractor for much of my career.  I’ve taken jobs from time-to-time, working as a software developer to make extra money.  Like most entrepreneurs, I’d rather make $50k hustling on my own than making $100k working for someone else.  But that is not always an option.  Some of my most lucrative side-work was scored from contacts through W2 jobs.  It’s not the ideal way to find business, but I never stop looking.

Life Philosophy
If I could eliminate one thing from my life today, it would be stress.  Sure, we all get stressed, but how we handle that stress is vastly different among us.  Stress triggers depression in some, anxiety in others, and a host of physical, mental and emotional ailments with it.  It’s easy to gloss over stress as a normal part of life, but it doesn’t have to be.   I hope to help unlock doors that free you from that stress so you can better enjoy life.

I’m not here to judge or compete with anyone.  I wish everyone success in their blogs, their careers, their goals – everything.  It truly makes me happy to see others successful.  So if you have questions, or would like to reach out for any reason, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’m always up for meeting new people, in person or virtually, doesn’t matter to me.

Be good and good things will come to you!

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