Job Interview Prep

Prepping for an interview is more important than landing the job itself. If you are not prepared, you are not going to land the job. Start by researching the company you are visiting and try to find out some things about the people who work there. Linked-In is a great place to find out who works where in the company, and what kind of backgrounds they have. This will lead you in the direction of their questioning, as well as help you strike up conversation. Don’t go overboard on details – no one wants to hire a stalker.

Know Your Material

Body Language in a Job Interview - Time Wealth SpentIf you’re interviewing for a business-level position, know that position very well. Make sure you have extensive knowledge on the material, competition, and challenges facing that industry. When you know your stuff, hiring managers eagerly give you an offer. Be on your game during the job interview and impress your hiring manager.

Dress for the job

It used to be common to see interviewees arriving in a freshly pressed suit and a nice tie. Sure, it would be nice if we lived in the 1920s when it comes to dress code, but we don’t. Dressing for the job shows you understand what the position is like and also presents a more accurate version of yourself. Wear the power suit if you’re going for a high-level consulting job, because you’ll likely wear that suit out on the job. Otherwise, dress business casual if you anticipate the office dresses that way. If you’re going for a development position and everyone is required to wear a suit, it’s probably not the environment you are eager to join.

Body Language & Confidence

Body language is very important during a job interview. Try to avoid bouncing or otherwise displaying nervous energy. Confidence plays a key role in body language. By properly prepping for your interview, you can arrive with confidence that you know the material and have plenty to talk about. When you’re seated with an interviewer, try to present a relaxed but focused disposition.

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